AKQA’s Future Lions Competition 2014

We’re delighted that students from your school have participated in AKQA’s Future Lions competition in recent years.

Miami Ad School Hamburg won the prestigious Future Lions School of the Year title in 2013 with the highest number of students being shortlisted for the final round.

With over 1,500 entries last year from more than 120 schools, Future Lions is growing at a fantastic rate, encouraging the most talented young creatives to step forward. The quality of work received from entrants has been outstanding for its innovation, quality and thought, and provides a fantastic platform for those starting in the industry.

We offer schools our Future Lions posters – to promote the competition to your students. Your school will receive these posters in the next two weeks.

Attached is a Future Lions guide, to give you more information about the competition.

We look forward to hearing from you, and receiving your students’ work.


Best wishes,

The Future Lions Team
Future Lions
Direct: +44 20 7780 4713
futurelions@akqa.com | http://www.futurelions.com


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