PT Smartfren Telecom Survey 2014

Dear university students and fresh graduates,

Our company is conducting a survey to understand students' career preference and perception towards Management Trainee (MT) program in Indonesia. This survey will take you approximately 5 minutes.

Please fill in this survey completely and GET THE CHANCE TO WIN...

2 cool Smartphones for 2 lucky winners!


We will announce the winner in the last week of June 2014 through your email. Below is the survey link:

Thank you very much for your participation. Have a nice day!



posted date: 2017-09-14 09:32:27

Program "Management Trainee" in big companies, starting from the recruitment process until process of "On Job Training" is already in the right track. But must be considered what is the purpose of this program is get employees who fit the criteria, not only as to raise the company's image.

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